Thursday, August 18, 2005

More training, because I can't get enough!

In the woods after some Individual Movement Technique (IMT) training

So I've made it back in after a couple weeks in the woods. It's been ok. We've done a lot of what I'd consider "basic skills" training. So, that's amounted to a lot of crawling under barbed wire, shooting with a cornucopia of weapons, and some tactical stuff.

Beyond that, I've been working more communications issues, I had to play platoon leader for a couple days. They called it Convoy Commander - well when all the senior NCOs and junior officers are nowhere in sight, the formula calls for moi to run the show.

One of the soldiers in my adopted platoon told me the other day, "LT, you're the shit". I got a bit quiet and looked at the kid - he's about 18 - and started laughing as I asked him "Why is that?"

So, that was a good moment. I've also noticed a lot of other soldiers think they're being micro managed and I guess they feel I've been really liberal with my management style.

Well here's a picture of yours truely.

The Signaleer

Now that I've covered the past couple weeks, I must depart for more office-style work for my organization. Tonight, back to the woods! Until next time - stay tuned to this page.



At 1:56 PM, Blogger buericana said...

oh my gosh those pics are crazy. Sorry I haven't commented lately. Monday through Thursday every week I'm in New York until at least Oct. and don't have much time to spare to surf the web. Be careful with all of those guns. Yikes Erica

At 4:17 PM, Blogger ct said...

I'll give you a ring sometime soon!


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