Wednesday, July 06, 2005

2 More Weeks and I'll be Moved

Looks like I'm getting nearer to zero hour. I've two weeks remaining and I'm still moving slightly-faster-than-snails-pace with my packing.

My parents came up this past weekend to spend part of the 4th with me. So by the time I see them again, I need to have accomplished the following:

  • Packed up all my stuff for storage

  • Moved out of my apartment

  • Gotten my car insurance relocated

  • Made badly needed repairs to my car

  • Hit the bank for some more information updates

  • Get my account with Verison placed into 'stasis'

  • Changed my address with the post office

  • Gotten a copy of my orders and have duplicates sent to my apartment, cell phone company, insurance company, storage company, and boss

  • Packed up all my gear for Iraq

So far, I'm almost done getting the gear packed up. I need to purchase or acquire some packing foam for my foot locker.

My apartment packing is getting close to completion too. I just need to buy some bubble wrap for my furniture and break down some of my collapsible furniture.

Beyond that I have a bunch of new DVDs to see me through next year. I also have a bunch of video games stored up for the coming `winter`. Or maybe that should read 'summer'.

In any event, my flickr account is going to get updates this weekend. Which means, whenever I need a break from packing, I'll be 'flickring'. I'm almost 80% finished with "The Great CD Ripping of 2005".

When all is said and done, I should be ready to go by next Wednesday or Thursday. I'll be going up to Clemson, next weekend, to say my good-byes.

After that, my folks come into town and drive me to the unit where I'll begin my 14 month (or greater) `adventure`.

Next week's installment will include my entire packing list.


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