Friday, July 29, 2005

Task Complete

Mission Complete

Well we did it. I got a lot of flack for not doing it faster but, I'm not too good at replicating myself in about 5 different places at the same time. I'm working it but, since I know understand the amount of authority I seems like I shouldn't have too many more complaints.

Okay. That sounded a bit strange. To quote good old Dr. Cho "Aaaanywaaay".

Here are some action shots of my crack team of IT specialists at work.

For my first photo, we have a solid signaleer running CAT-5 cable from the MWR room into our office space. Notice the small hole he is running that cable through.

That would be the product of about 5 minutes of drilling through about 2 inches of chalk board and cinder block. We had to punch about 3 of these holes and I think we ran into about 1-2 hundred feet of CAT-5.

In any case we were pretty content with the results.

In this next photo, we have a "trance shot" of my signal operators working cable out of ceiling tiles. As we manage to setup yet another room in the building with access gratis MWR. Man those guys are so great!

Well we attracted a lot of attention and we managed to get the internet access window pushed back. Originally, we were kicked off MWR's feed at 2230. Now the access is limitless. Hence the late time of this post.

I'll try to post more photos later. I may even get a shot of me completed suited up for my biochem training tomorrow.

I'm sure it'll prove to be a tight set of shots with my sinuses draining forth all of their worldly treasures. Should be fun for you and me!

I'll keep posting may get one out Monday. Later all,



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