Saturday, September 10, 2005

Photo update!

Photo Pool
I've decided to post some long over due photos of the past couple weeks. The first couple are from my Philly trip from Labor Day.

The one to our immediate left is of a couple soldiers. I felt it was a moment to commemorate M.C. Escher. I'm still working on a title for it. Tenatively, 'A View of Rusty Blue' seems fitting. Rusty Blue is the van we took into town.

After that photo, my travel group moved on to the Liberty Bell! I snagged a shot nearby, notice the crack! It was a pretty impressive experience. Soaking in all of the history. There was a certain energy in that area.

After some shopping and other touristy adventures, we stumbled upon the tomb of the unknown soldier. The soldier within was from George Washington's army of the revolutionary war. I found the writing on top of this tomb chilling and to a certain extent sad. I was feeling varying types of identification and appreciation.

On a much happier note, one of the good soldiers joining me on the trip wrestled the jaws of a mangey beast while I just sort of stood there and smiled for the camera.

So that concludes photos from my trip to Philadelphia for Labor Day '05.

Back on site

Here's a quick look at the living conditions out in the wood line. This was one cold September morning out in the woods. A couple guys lacking watch caps went for an improvised shall. I think it's catching on!

While we were out in the woods, my crack team of signaleers taught a class on radio antenna set up, while they executed the training, I snapped a couple of shots of the team at work. This shot is toward the end of the practical exercise.

That last shot was completed a couple days ago. This past weekend, we set up a couple of additional antennas to support additional training on our installation.

I'll work a couple more photos into the blog for this week, until then...stay sharp!



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At 8:23 AM, Blogger buericana said...

That last comment is lame. . .

Anyways, awesome pics. Have you heard yet when you'll be shipping off? Have they mentioned you helping out in New Orleans?


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