Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Day in Philly

So, we managed to get Labor Day off - I grabbed a couple soldiers together and we went into Philly with much gusto. It turned out to be an incredible trip and I managed to grab a couple books and CD's along the way.

We spent most of our time doing touristy things in the historical district. I'll post some photos here soon.

So we saw the Liberty Bell, location of the 1st Congress meeting, 1st House of Representatives meeting, the location where the Constituion was drafted, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier etc. It was pretty incredible. I had a blast and the weather was spectacular.

The night before, we managed to hit up a Wally mart and I nabbed a couple games for 10 bucks a pop (and a Miles Davis CD).

So, now I'm all set. I had 1 disappointment, a couple CD's containing ripped music (that I made prior to deployment) display the songs in 'Windows Explorer' but when I do a copy to my new external drive, the copy fails because of some cyclic sync buffer error or something. It's strange and annoying as some of my most favorite tunes are broken. I figured it's copyright protection but, I could be wrong.



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