Sunday, August 28, 2005


Well, the past couple of days have been spent either in a class room or on a range. So, not a whole lot of explaination to do there. Our camp has kinda mellowed out a bit - no more prayer calls 5+ times a day. The training we're taking tries to acclimate you to the culture, so we'd have different songs running throughout the day.

So this lack of tunes from the speakers, makes for an improved day and morning! I continue to get good vibes from the soldiers I'm working with - many of them seem to really respect me and they seem to take my advice seriously.

While cohesion continues to develop, we draw ever closer to movement to the objective. This Labor Day I'm considering spending a little time in Philly. A couple guys and myself are going to rent a car and wheel our way over to the city. Scope the sights and sounds, have a couple drinks, kick back and relax before our cycle intensifies and continues to shuffle us overseas.

I gotta get going now, back into the woods for an evening filled with adventure and war games.



At 6:51 PM, Blogger megan said...

You don't want to visit us? ;;

At 3:07 PM, Blogger ct said...

I only get 1 day! That and I'd have to provide my own method of transport!!! If you guys can come down here on that day then great! I'll call.


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