Friday, September 02, 2005

Hooah! Army Training!

So the past week has been spent learning staff work. Quite possibly the most non-physical training a soldier can do in todays mighty...US Army.

This has amounted to spending most of the week in a class room learning how the military shuffles paper and makes decisions.

To say it was the most exciting material to review is like saying watching golf on TV is more action packed than, say... a Terminator movie.

The past couple of days have been more a drill on how this process works. Despite these intense class sessions, I have managed to get a lot of thinking about my not-quite-so-immediate future knocked out.

Beyond this training there's a little more and then a validation process to contend with - this process involves a collective test of our ability to conduct our business. Once that process is complete we move forward to the near objective.

Labor day should be pretty sweet. I'm planning to head into town for a couple hours, catch a movie and then do a little R&R in a local cafe or something. In anycase, I'm still a couple days out - until then...this is ct wishing all of you out there in 'reader land' the best of wishes.


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