Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Packing is nearing an end.

Well looks like I'm about 90% done packing! I managed to get my entire collection of worldly possessions stuffed into about 10 plastic tubs (of varying sizes).

I've been flattered a couple times this week by some of my friends - just keep in mind everyone! I'm not out the door...yet!

I've got a couple weeks to burn off. I'm pretty solid on personal entertainment gear for the next 14 months (so I think!), and I really just need to get my hands on a rockin' footlocker. So, I'm searching far and wide for a footlocker that fits my bill of specifications.

Once I winnow my selection down to a couple, I'll post what my final choice will be - might be good to note somewhere for future reference. You never know!

I'm working through a stack of books that I want to take, but judging by the amount of stuff I have in my must take list, I'll have to cut down on my book options. They just take up a lot of space.

I also have to get my duffle bags all packed up.

In other news, my car will be out of the shop this afternoon, which is great because the 3 garbage bags of clothes I'm planning to drop off at the Salvation Army have become a severe road block to my living room.

I've spent the last week running a large loop in Buckhead, sporting my ultra cool WileyX sun glasses.

They fit extremely well and I have almost no trouble with fogging and shifting when I'm moving up and down the hills near Lenox Square Mall.

Considering the "battle-rattle" I'll be wearing (LBE, K-Pot, Body Armor, etc) from time-to-time, I'm sure they'll retain a steady fastening to my skull.

They were a bit hefty in price, because I had to get perscription lenses but, I am still amazed by how well they get the job accomplished.

That's about it for now, the postings shall continue as I move ever closer to my next phase of mobilization.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Prep For a 14 Month Deployment

Big news is coming down the National Guard pike. I found out a week ago that I will be deploying to OIF (operation iraqi freedom) with my upper eschelon unit.

A lot of people have asked me how I feel about it and the only real way of describing my mentality is "detached". I'm more worried, at this point, with getting my things together and out the door than I am the whole "in country thing".

I spent a lot of time in the Middle East this past year. So culturally, I'm ready for it. Mentally, I'm prepared - the past 6 years I spent in the Guard were focused upon preparing for some type of warfare.

Sure it was mainly Vietnam-style patrols in the woods but, I know - or at least I believe I know - that I'm prepared for this upcoming deployment.

My mood is pretty resolute. I get irritable pretty swiftly but it's never for extended periods of time. I feel anxious to make this happen. Mostly because the sooner I'm out the door, the sooner I'll be home.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

First Post!

I'm going to give this particular site a shot. I have a more 'professional' oriented blog on but, I'd like to make this a 'personal' blog.

I'm going to try to make this blog oriented on my travels around the globe and happenings at and around my current residence in Atlanta, GA.