Monday, March 20, 2006

Speed of the Irish

A couple days back, we had the St. Patrick's Day Fun Run. It was a 5K course that consisted of two and a half laps around a living area. It took place in evening, as that's about the only time you can block off some of the roads and streets on post without having to worry about people getting run over by heavy duty vehicles.

Long story short, it's pitch black outside and we start. Some 200+ people coraled into an exceptionally small road way.

As we took off into the night, I rounded the first corner with our s3, I quickly managed to notice something was a little bizarre because airmen and soldiers were crowding around carefully positioned tables near the road.

The three and me passed the first one and hit the second on the back stretch. Low and behold, the cups we collected didn't contain green gator aid. They contained green near beer!

We continued our pace trying to splash what we could from the cups into our mouths but it seemed as if we only succeeded in spilling more and more of the beverages on to the street.

The three gave up and ditched his cup, I held on tightly and after completing the back stretch, tossed my cup aside.

We had to complete one more circuit of the course.

After finishing the race, we worked our way through the crowd and signed up for t-shirts. The other two individuals with us came in a bit later and after a short dinner, called it a night.

It was an excellent experience and I'm probably going to follow up with any additional fun runs that come up at this location!



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